Housing Readiness Report Trainings

Learn how to use a Bay Area Housing Advocacy Tool

11AM - 12PM PST 
Nov 15: Government Staff & Elected Officials 
Nov 16: Community Organizations & Organizers 
Nov 17: Community Members 


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We are excited to host three online training sessions that will take a deep dive into the Housing Readiness Report, created by the Partnership for the Bay's Future. These training sessions will be individualized to fit your needs for utilizing the tool, whether you sit in the government, work with a community-based organization, or are a community member looking to get involved in your city’s housing plans.

The Housing Readiness Report is a Bay Area affordable housing tool that provides you with the resources and tools to track, monitor, and get involved in your city’s housing plans and policies to ensure equitable racial and economic outcomes. 

We will host three days of trainings, with each day focused on a different theme:

Tue Nov 15: Government - Data, Policy, & Public Engagement

City staff and electeds will learn how the Housing Readiness Tool collects, manages, and updates accurate housing data within your city, and how to use this tool to build engagement throughout your community on local housing initiatives. This tool is an opportunity for cities to learn from and adapt policies and strategies across the Bay Area. 


Wed Nov 16: Community Organizers - Advocate for Equitable Housing Practices

Community organizations and organizers will learn how to use the Housing Readiness Tool to gain access and visibility into key information about their city’s housing policies and hold them accountable for following through with their commitment to creating equitable housing. We will dig into how this tool uses data to take a pulse check of cities’ progress, and how to use that data as an effective and powerful advocacy tool.

Th Nov 17: Community Members - How to Easily Get Involved with Your City’s Housing Policy Plans

As community members, you will learn a variety of methods to connect with your representatives and advocate for practices and policies that will shape the future of the Bay Area’s housing landscape. Whether you have five minutes or several hours, now is a critical time to give your city your input! We will share easy ways to get started.